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Vehicle Safety Policy

Teachers must apply normal hazard and risk management techniques in their day to day activities and whenever driving ANY vehicle and check its condition before starting to drive.

Certain driving environments will present a greater hazard than others.

Teachers must take the following actions to manage the risks:

  • ┬áNot to drive unlicensed
  • Not to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Conduct pre-use safety check of vehicle
  • Ensure client is not sitting behind driver and is secured appropriately
  • Follow applicable road rules at all times
  • Take regular breaks from continuous driving as required but a minimum of every 2 hours
  • Not to drive 2WD in off-road environments
  • Report any vehicle accidents immediately
  • Always inform your Supervisor/ Manager when entering areas where there is an increasing potential for vehicle immobilisation
  • Report immobilisation events including your recovery from bogging as a H&S incident to enable better information to be gathered regarding the suitability of vehicles and the training provided to workers.