10.1 Representing the Brand

As a franchise partner you are expected to represent the Music Lessons Academy brand positively at all times. The success of our band name is as important to each franchise partner as it is to us the franchisors.

To help represent the brand franchise partner will be required to

  • Wear a clean Music Lessons Academy name badge
  • Use official Music Lessons Academy stationery and marketing material when representing the business including signs, cups, mouse pads, etc)
  • Not comment on the business to the media (including social media) without express authority from the franchisor

10.2 The Logo

This Music Lessons Academy is shown below

Franchise partners will be given electronic files of the logos for use in marketing and promotions.


  • Yellow – #FFDE59
  • Grey – #707070
  • Black – #000000
  • White – #FFFFFF


  • Formula Bold
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10.3 Dress Code

Music Lessons Academy franchise partners are not required to wear a uniform. However, they are required to wear an MLA name tag.

Teachers should dress in a smart casual manner but in clothes that are appropriate (i.e., not too low cut or too tight)

Franchise partners must also have good personal hygiene. Examples include the following:

  • face, neck, and arms are clean
  • breath is not offensive (no gum)
  • no excessive body odour
  • hair is clean and tidy
  • cuts or abrasions are covered

10.4 Vehicle Signage

Franchise partners can choose to drive a signed vehicle, If they wish to do so magnetic car plates are available as part of the initial franchise package.

If the plates are stolen, lost or damaged subsequent magnetic plates can be purchased from the franchisor.