Roles & Responsibilities

We are here to assist you in achieving maximum success and growth in your franchised business.

By working together for the common good we achieve a better outcome for everybody.

Kayla Caruso

4.1 Franchisor Role and Responsibilities

As the franchisor our key roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Provide initial franchise partner induction training.
  • Determine the range of services offered and recommended pricing.
  • Source Approved Suppliers.
  • Manage national social media marketing
  • Provide some leads for franchise partners
  • Provide advice on methods and procedures for the day-to-day operation of the business, including administration support, technical support, sales support and customer service.
  • Provide ongoing training as required
  • Manage the strategic growth of the business

4.2 Franchise Partner Role and Responsibilities

As the franchise partner your key roles and responsibilities are to:

Provide an excellent standard of service to your customers.

Maintain the corporate Image of the Music Lessons Academy franchise in every detail of the business including your written communications, signage, invoices, business stationery, advertising and marketing and uniforms.

Recruit and manage staff

Independently source leads to supplement head office lead generation

Order all stock from approved suppliers to you to ensure that your products comply with our image and standards.

Maintain your stock and equipment in first class condition.

Communicate relevant information weekly, and annually in accordance with this manual and with our agreement.

Pay franchise fees and all accounts on time to strengthen the Music Lessons Academy and preserve the businesses integrity in the marketplace.

Inform Head Office of any problems occurring within your business.

4.3 Accountability

It is vital to realise at the beginning that as a franchise partner you are the owner of your business and as with other businesses, you can expect to succeed through your own efforts, acumen and time put into your business.

You should be prepared to accept this responsibility and the subsequent credit. Minor failures and challenges are inevitable in business and for these you should also accept the responsibility and work to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

We are relying on you to uphold our reputation for excellent customer service, efficiency and high standards of business ethics.

4.4 Loyalty to The Franchise Brand

The long-term success of our franchise network depends on individual loyalty and participation.

Your own personal welfare is tied in with the group, therefore it is in your own interest to communicate freely and attend all meetings.

Develop a group attitude, run your business according to our Agreement and the Franchise Operations Manual and don’t be tempted to alter our successful system.

The philosophy is simple: if I look after the franchise network the franchise network will look after me.