Reporting & Monitoring Progress

17.1 Introduction

We are here to help franchise partners operate a successful business.

However, to do this, we need to be able to know what is working well and what areas you may need extra training or support.

For this reason, we have several systems to help us monitor your progress.

17.2 Mystery Shoppers

Music Lessons Academy will use “mystery shoppers” as a tool to monitor and maintain our high level of service. We will arrange a mystery caller to make an enquiry.

You won’t know who the mystery caller is and in the process of responding to their enquiry we will be able to assess your rapport building skills, your training skills, your customer service follows up etc.

Feedback will be given to the franchise partners to improve their performance and to recognise franchise partners who are exceeding expectations.

17.3 Minimum Performance Criteria

Franchise partners are to ensure they meet the following minimum performance criteria:

  • 15% of leads converted to trial lessons
  • 50% of trial lesson covered to students
  • Retain 70% of customers over a 12-month period.

If franchise partners are not meeting the above minimum performance requirements than additional training will be required, charged on a per day rate.

17.4 Key Performance Indicators

Franchise partners Key Performance Indicators will be assessed once a quarter the following KPIs will be reviewed.

In addition, the franchisors will be able to access the Xero accounts to assess the franchise partners’ progress.

Tracker on google sheets

17.5 Ongoing Support and Monitoring

At Music Lessons Academy we realise the importance of maintaining a positive and productive relationship between the franchise partners and the franchisor. To facilitate this, we have a set schedule for communication.

Once a month the franchisor will call franchise partners and discuss their progress.

Once every quarter the franchisor convenes teleconference between all clients of the franchise partners’ network.

Once a year the franchise partner holds a conference for each franchise partner to attend. At the conference head office will recognise the best performing franchise partners