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New Term: Scheduling Lessons (Term 2 & 4)


Scheduling existing students into each new term is the most important task at Music Lessons Academy. We need to give our existing students the best customer service so they can be life-long students at our school.

After taking action on each step (i.e. sending each email, messaging students) create a task on ActiveCampaign deals to follow up “Contact” the student due in 2 days.

Step 1: Schedule Lessons to the Calendar

  1. Firstly, write down the Term Dates on a piece of paper next to you.
  2. On each of our Teachworks websites, go to Calendar and filter by Teacher.
  3. For each of our teachers with students, click on each lesson they have
  4. Ensure that the lesson price is the old pricing for “Grandfathered Students”
  5. Copy the lesson
  6. Edit the “Lesson Starts” date to the first day back of next term, ensuring that the lesson DAY stays the same (i.e. Monday lessons held on the first Monday of school term, Friday lessons held on the first Friday of school term)
  7. Select “Repeat” and update the settings to Weekly
  8. Repeats every 1 week (for weekly) or 2 weeks (for fortnightly)
  9. Check the day of the lesson (i.e. Monday lessons check Monday)
  10. Repeat ends: on last day of school term.
  11. Check for conflicts
  12. Submit if no conflicts.

Is there a conflict?

If there is a conflict, create a note to come back to after you’ve completed the whole process.

The conflict will usually be a result of a teacher changing schedule. We have to confirm the teacher’s schedule and offer new lesson times to the student.

  1. Message the teacher to ask if they are available to teach their student at the regular lesson time. 
  2. If yes! Schedule the lesson as normal.
  3. If no – email the student offering new lesson times.