14.1 Introduction

Owning a Music Lessons Academy franchise is a great and exciting opportunity. Unlike many franchise businesses, head office will generate most of the leads.

Franchise partners can also supplement the leads generated by head office.

14.2 Target Market

Music Lessons Academy primary target markets are:

  • 70% Mums, 25% Dads, 5% older adults
  • They typically have primary school student around 7 to 8 years of age.
  • The parents are educated and have discretionary income to invest in their children’s musical education.
  • Most are time poor and like the convenience of the teacher coming to their house.

14.3 Marketing Mix

To increase the success of Music Lessons Academy we need to construct the right brand experiences, which entails not only the actual services provided, but the rapport the franchise partner creates with their students and their parents.

This then determines the types of thoughts and feelings, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about the Music Lessons Academy.

With a strong brand (or brand equity), our customers will buy more from us, will spread the good news to their friends by giving positive word-of-mouth (the cheapest and most effective form of advertising!) and will become more loyal and less likely to lose them to the competition.

14.4 Responsibility for Lead Generation

Head office will undertake most of the lead generation via a suite of online strategies. In addition, franchise partners are able to generate leads to supplement the leads from head office.

Head offices marketing strategies will include:

  • Managing the website
  • Hosting a 1300 number with online bookings diverted to the franchisees
  • Supplying business cards, brochures, fridge magnets, bags, post cards.
  • Managing social media with input from franchise partners on a regular basis
  • Dedicated support coach for the duration for the franchise for operations, support and marketing

14.5 Head Office Leads

Franchise partners can generate their own leads and head office will also generate leads online on a national basis.

Head office leads will be allocated on a rotational and geographic basis.

If the franchise partner receives a lead from head office, they must accept or reject that lead within 24 hours.

If they accept the lead the client must be contacted within that first 24 hours and a trial lesson booked.

If 50% of leads are rejected over a 6-month period, the franchisor will have the right to appoint another franchisee in that territory.

14.6 Lead Generation Plan

While head office will do the majority of the marketing and lead generation franchise partners are required to:

Implement the Local Area Marketing Program (LAMP) – full details here