Human Resources POLICY

13.1 Human Resources Policy Overview

Equal Opportunity

Music Lessons Academy is committed to ensuring that our employment practices are free of bias with regard to race, gender, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, age, disability, pregnancy, family responsibilities, religious or political association or any other factors which are not related to people’s ability to perform in their position at Music Lessons Academy.

It is everyone’s responsibility to provide equal opportunities to everyone – to each other, managers and customers.


Harassment is not tolerated at Music Lessons Academy. We consider harassment an unacceptable form of behaviour that will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

We also believe that all franchise partners and customers have the right to an environment that is free from unlawful harassment.

Harassment is defined as unwelcome and uninvited behaviour, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Repeated, unwanted comments about a person’s religion or political beliefs
  • Repeated, unwanted name calling
  • Jokes, suggestive comments or offensive gestures related to a person’s disability, religious conviction, ethnic or sexual characteristics
  • Distribution or display of material regarded as offensive
  • Persistent questions about a person’s private life
  • Demands for sexual favours, either directly or by implication
  • Repeated, unwanted and deliberate physical contact
  • Indecent assault (which are also criminal offences).
Workplace Bullying

Bullying is any type of behaviour, or series of behaviours that offends, humiliates or intimidates someone to the extent that it could put that person’s health, safety or welfare at risk.

  • Types of behaviour that are considered bullying include (but are not limited to):
  • Aggressive or frightening behaviour
  • Shouting or swearing
  • Threats of assault
  • Baiting, teasing, nasty practical jokes, gossiping and obvious belittling
  • Excessive scrutinising, inappropriately or unfairly criticising work performance
Complaints Regarding These Issues

If you feel that you have been the subject of discrimination, harassment or workplace bullying or you have witnessed these acts you are encouraged to speak in confidence to your Franchisor.

Any complaints will be treated seriously, sympathetically and confidentially and will be investigated thoroughly and impartially.

Music Lessons Academy will take appropriate action to ensure that any discrimination, harassment or workplace bullying found to exist is rectified and does not continue.

13.2 Hiring Staff

Music Lessons Academy franchise partners will be able to commence the business full time as owner operators but may choose to employ more staff if they wish to expand their business.

If the franchise partner purchases an existing territory, contractors will be provided with the purchase.

Independent contractors (teachers) – Kayla to provide
Admin position

13.3 Job Descriptions

Music Lessons Academy has job descriptions for appointing contractors. All details can be found in the MLA intranet and will be covered during induction training.

13.4 Letters of Engagement

Music Lessons Academy have Letters of Engagement for appointing contractors All details can be found in the MLA intranet and will be covered during induction training.

13.5 Payment

As an independent contractor there is no Award or Enterprise Agreement for MLA staff. Hourly rates are therefore negotiated based on experience and seniority.

Traditionally MLA have paid independent contractors between $32 and $45 per hour. GST is only applicable if the Independent Contractor is registered for GST.

13.6 Staff Rosters

Staff schedules and roster can be found on Teachworks. Staff can indicate their availability to the franchise partner.

13.7 Timesheets

If franchise partners hire additional staff the teachers will be required to create invoices based on their scheduled lessons and submit it to the franchise partner for payment. This is verified against Teachworks calendar.

13.8 Staff Standards

Staff are critical to the success of the Music Lessons Academy business. Sub-standard staff may detract from the user experience, resulting in a loss of clients or the inability to attract additional clients.

Each staff member must conduct themselves with a high degree of professionalism at all times and in a manner, that is reflective of the high standards of Music Lessons Academy.

It is important that staff assist in creating a friendly environment, whilst at the same time providing the necessary levels of expertise and professionalism.

If we feel that a staff member in your Music Lessons Academy business does not meet our high standards, we may issue you with a directive to:

  • Provide feedback to that staff member to improve their performance
  • Provide further training to that staff member which may include a Music Lessons Academy approved course; or
  • Suspend that staff member from working at your Music Lessons Academy Centre, until such time that Music Lessons Academy is of the opinion that the staff member is capable of meeting Music Lessons Academy’s standards.

If we issue you with a directive in accordance with the above, you must immediately comply and inform us upon doing so. If we require any additional information regarding the performance of that staff member, you must provide to us immediately upon request.

13.9 Employee Details