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Finding Students: Waitlist Hunting

For when we have a new teacher or new teacher availabilities

Teacher AC

  1. Find the new teacher contact in the Teacher AC & Teachworks (Prioritise the teachers with no existing students)
  2. Note two things:
    1. The postcodes they can teach in
    2. The instruments they teach


Student AC

  1. Go to “Contacts”
  2. Go to “Search Contacts” > “Advanced Search
  3. Follow the next steps Exactly as Written:
    1. Has Deal In Stage > 1. All Enquiries >  ANY STAGE
    2. Instrument > CONTAINS > xxx (whatever instrument you are looking for)
    3. Post Code > Is > xxx (whatever post code you are looking for – only one at a time)
    4. You can add extras if you feel is necessary (for example, if the teacher is only wanting child students, you can enter AGE > Child, or if the teacher only wants beginner, you can enter EXPERIENCE > Contains > No experience / Beginner)
  4. Search for the contacts
  5. Select all contacts that are Older than 1 month old (Check the date created – it is in US dates)
  6. Then select “EDIT”
  7. Go to “Update a field” and scroll for “Teacher”
  8. Enter the Teachers name in the text box
  9. Then, select “Add a tag”
  10. Enter the tag “newteacher”
  11. Select Apply
Thats it! The automation will begin and send these students an email asking if they want to trial lessons with the new teacher!