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Finding Students: Waitlist Hunting

For when we have a new teacher or new teacher availabilities

Teacher AC

  1. Find the new teacher contact in the Teacher AC & Teachworks
    1. Prioritise teachers who:
      1. Have been recently added,
      2. Have been engaged & easy to communicate with (i.e. they are eager to start teaching!)
      3. Have wide open availabilities!
  2. Note two things:
    1. The postcodes they can teach in
    2. The instruments they teach

You will repeat the next stage of the process as many times as required until you search for all the contacts in the teacher’s available postcodes/teachable suburbs list.


Student AC

  1. Go to “Contacts”
  2. Go to “Search Contacts” > “Advanced Search
  3. Follow the next steps Exactly as Written:
    1. Has Deal In Stage > 1. All Enquiries >  ANY STAGE
    2. Instrument > CONTAINS > xxx (whatever instrument you are looking for)
    3. Post Code > Is > xxx (whatever post code you are looking for – only one at a time)
    4. Date Created > On or Before (Last Month) / On or After (3 months ago)
    5. You can add extras if you feel is necessary (for example, if the teacher is only wanting child students, you can enter AGE > Child, or if the teacher only wants beginner, you can enter EXPERIENCE > Contains > No experience / Beginner)
  4. Search for the contacts
  5. Select all contacts then select “EDIT”
  6. Go to “Update a field” and scroll for “Teacher” and enter the Teacher’s name in the text box
  7. Then, select “Add a tag” and enter the tag “newteacher”
  8. Then, “Update a field” again and select “Waitlist Teacher Availabilities” and enter the days & rough times of the teacher’s availabilities in sentence form.
    1. The autofill in the email reads “This teacher is available on …” so ensure the availabilities written as a sentence makes grammatical sense.
    2. E.g. “Monday afternoons, Tuesday afternoons and Thursdays after 5pm.” 
  9. Select Apply
Thats it! The automation will begin, and these students will be emailed asking if they want to try lessons with the new teacher! There will also be a task to call & organise these students trial lessons.