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Finding Students: Waitlist Hunting

For when we have a new teacher or new teacher availabilities

Rule: Only send 1 x email to each customer per week. Check the customer AC contact notes before sending any emails.

Teacher AC

  1. Find the new teacher contact in the Teacher AC & Teachworks
  2. Note three things:
    1. The postcodes they can teach in
    2. The instruments they teach
    3. Their availabilities on Teachworks


Student AC

  1. Go to “Contacts”
  2. Go to “Search Contacts” > “Advanced Search
  3. Follow the next steps Exactly as Written:
    1. Has Deal In Stage > 4. Waitlist > Any Stage
    2. Instrument > CONTAINS > xxx (whatever instrument you are looking for)
    3. Post Code > Is > xxx (whatever post code you are looking for – only one at a time)
  4. Send each customer the following email. Then write a contact note saying “New Teacher Offer: XXTeacherNameXX.”


Hope you are well,

Are you still interetested in taking XXinstrumentXX lessons in the comfort of your home?

Since you have joined our waitlist, we have hired an amaxing local university student teaching XXinstrumentXX,

We would love to offer you a 60 Minute 1/2 Priced no-commitment Trial Lesson (valued at $38.50) to see if our teaching methods work well with your children or yourself.

Our teacher, XXX, is available to teach XXin your home/onlineXX at the following times:

  • Day & Time
  • Day & Time
If you would like to proceed with a Half-Price Trial Lesson, please reply with your full postal address and your preferred lesson day & time,
Feel free to ask us any questions you may have!