Dispute Resolution

While no one enters into a business anticipating problems the very nature of people working together means that disputes will arise.

To minimize the impact of disputes and to encourage a culture of openness, harmony at Music Lessons Academy we have developed a dispute resolution process.

The process is based on the following principles.

Disputes must

  • be dealt with quickly so as to avoid the seed of discontent
  • focus on the issues and not the people involved
  • focus on the outcome i.e., a resolution and not the problem
  • be win/win and not win/loose

At Music Lessons Academy the process is as follows:

  • Identify all the parties involved in the dispute
  • Nominate one person to progress the process of dispute resolution forward
  • Document the dispute in writing and forward it to all parties directly involved in the dispute
  • Convene a meeting with an approved third party within 48 hours of documenting the dispute
  • During the meeting develop an action plan that you perceive will resolve the dispute
  • Issue the proposed action plan to all parties identified in the dispute
  • Offer the other parties involved the opportunity to modify the dispute resolution process

If the above procedure fails to reach a resolution, then the parties are to follow the dispute resolution process described under the Franchise Code of Conduct and complete a “notice of dispute” form.