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New Teachers Information

Step 1: Find New Teacher’s Info

When we have a new teacher it will be added to the spreadsheet.

Names that are in “Bold” are the new teachers. Since they’re new in the system make sure to check the availability of teaching and the area (Location of the teacher).

Notes: Remember to follow the golden rules of scheduling lessons (see SOP for scheduling Trial Lessons).

Step 2: Copy and Paste

This step can be changed depending how you save files or make notes in the customer’s accounts. using Notes or Notepad can help you with note taking (Locations, Schedules, Time of Availability and other customer important information) Maximized by creating a spiel for your email to send later.


Step 3: Maps

Searching location using google maps https://www.google.com/maps/place/Australia click this link to direct you to google maps. Maximize the area of each teacher by using the maps.

1. Search the teacher’s location e.g.(Coogee WA)

2. Click “Direction” this tool in google will show you a set location which is (Coogee WA)

Search in Active Campaign

Step 4: Active Campaign

In Active Campaign, you can find it easier by doing the filters

1. Click “Add Filter

Click on “Deal Details” to search for the instrument. You need to choose “Deal Title“.

After clicking the “Deal Title” you can choose the “Contain” then find the instrument desired.

2. The Second Filter will be more accurate, you need to click on “Custom Deals Fields

Click on “Suburb” then click on “Is” this will show a box where you can type the exact location of the search for finding.

3. The system will filter everything, then you can drag each deal of “Potential” or “No Teacher” to the “New Teacher Pool“.

Notice: You will need to find every 4 days since after 4 days, they will automatically back in potential or no teacher. The system will also send them an email within the span of “New Teacher Tab“.