Kayla Caruso

Music Lessons Academy Pty Ltd
Suite 307, Norwest Central. 12 Century Circuit, Norwest, 2153

PHONE: 1300 065 228

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2.1 Music Lessons Academy

What began in 2017 as a modest endeavour to be able to pay her way through university has developed into a powerhouse brand across Australia and New Zealand in the musical education industry.

From her small, rented apartment in Sydney Kayla Caruso has revolutionised the music lessons industry, delivering a new fresh and innovative music lesson approach for students of all ages across 12 instrument disciplines.

Driven by her own passion for music, her vision to provide endless opportunities for music students to explore their full creative potential & individuality is innovative, daring, and inspiring.

Kayla’s innate understanding of the old staid industry approach along with her unparalleled willpower have resulted in a fast- and ever-growing number of 500+ students learning across Australia and New Zealand and is fast propelling her music lessons strategy to the forefront of the musical education industry.

Music Lessons Academy is all about authenticity and embracing community

2.2 Vision Statement

To engender passion within students to perform, compose and love music.

2.3 Mission Statement

We provide a new musical education experience, where we focus not just on the instrument, but on music as a whole.

The students of Music Lessons Academy learn more than just music.

Our innovative teaching style focuses on discipline, resilience, creative thinking and problem-solving skills while students study music.

2.4 Our Unique Selling Proposition?

Our music teachers are young university students, who offer a fresh perspective on learning music, while teaching music in our student’s homes.

2.5 What Sets Music Lessons Apart From Our Competitors

Music Lessons Academy provide opportunities for our students so they can experience and learn music as a whole.

We host annual student concerts, song writing competitions, student spotlights and events throughout the year.

All students are offered a half-priced trial lesson when they first join us, so we can ensure their teacher is the right choice for them.
Music Lessons Academy has also produced a range of beginner music workbooks, which we provide for free to our students

2.6 Core Values

Music Lessons Academy core values are:

We take responsibility for the way our customers experience Music Lessons Academy and so strive to make the experience a positive one.

We aim to teach more than just a musical instrument; we want to inspire and develop the character of students, building confidence, persistence, and resilience.

We work together, offer support, and share our ideas and information for the benefit of all.

We value and encourage creative thinking, to produce original ideas, to make something new, recognising that innovation and experimentation has value.

Customer Service:
Our customers are to the core of everything we do. We commit to understanding their needs and delivering the best possible outcomes.

We take pride in everything we do and always strive to improve. We believe that striving for excellence means going the extra mile and not merely meeting expectations.

We respect knowledge, skills and ideas and are always looking at innovative solutions to further enhance our services.
We are open and honest in everything we do and always strive to do what is right. When you use our services, we will give you honest and trustworthy advice.

We treat all people, inside and outside the organisation with dignity and respect. We believe that each person has different strengths, abilities and qualities which must be supported and encouraged to allow their core strengths to shine through. Respect requires consideration and the act of listening and learning from one another. We make it a priority to treat each person as we ourselves would want to be treated.